Find your next Pokemon Zoom Background in our curated list of HD Pokemon Zoom Backgrounds. Raise smiles in your next Zoom call! An interesting zoom image background is always a conversation starter, or opportunity to lighten the atmosphere in your meeting.

The first step is learning where to go in zoom to set your virtual background. You’ll find the ability to upload the background picture or video of your choosing in your zoom settings.

To get the detailed instructions on where to find this setup settings, we advise you read the entire setup article available from Zoom here.

Now that you’ve read how to set it up, let’s get to our list of our best Pokemon zoom backgrounds below. Click the link titles to head to a free download page, where you can note attribution.

If you are looking for other backgrounds, be sure to check out our full list of Zoom backgrounds.

1. Pallet Town Zoom Background

2. Venasaur Zoom Background
Related image

3. Blastoise Zoom Background

4. Charizard Zoom Background

5. Snowpoint Gym Zoom Background
Related image

6. Great Wave off Kanto Zoom Background
Related image

7. Johto Pokemon Map Zoom Background

8. Ash vs Gary Zoom Background
Ash vs Gary by BeeWinter55 on DeviantArt

9. Ash and Pikachu Zoom Background
What Pokémon Titles Are Streaming on Netflix? - What's on Netflix

10. Legendary Birds Zoom Background
The Rare Pokemon GO Monsters That No One Has Caught Yet | Kotaku ...

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