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Our San Diego based labs have years of analytical engineering experience from Qualcomm, Murata, and Silanna. We commonly serve automotive, medical, aerospace, electronics, and semiconductor industry clients.

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Our Services

Our broad range of services and tools supports your team during product development, introduction, and sustaining engineering.

Low Power Optical Microscopy

To perform low power optical microscopy, we utilize a Nikon SMZ stereo zoom optical microscope for its excellent low magnification optical technology.

High Power Reflected Optical Microscopy

High power optical microscopy is performed with an Olympus BX60 high power compound optical microscope body.

Scanning Acoustic Microscopy (SAM):

Scanning acoustic microscopy is generally utilized to examine the integrity the presents of internal interfaces.

Area Defined Backside Preparation:

This process may be used to augment or improve the performance of multiple semiconductor fault isolation techniques.

Area Defined Die Thinning:

Under specialized cases, rather than globally thinning a semiconductor substrate it is desirable to thin an isolated defined area of the semiconductor substrate.

Package Decapsulation:

Material is removed from the package, while maintaining full electrical functionality and performance of the device.

Photon Emission Microscopy:

This fault isolation technique is effective in detecting failure mechanisms related to many electrical behaviors.

Externally Induced Voltage Alertation (XIVA):

Eternally induced voltage alteration (XIVA™) is a very effective laser injection fault isolation technique used to localize ohmic type defects and damage.

Lock-In Amplifier Augmented XIVA:

Lock-in augmented XIVA significantly improves the sensitivity of the system through the implementation of a lock-in amplifier.

Soft Defect Localization (SDL):

Soft defect localization (SDL) is an advanced fault isolation technique used to isolate functional failures induced by ohmic related defects, damage, or degradation.

Optical Beam Induced Current (OBIC):

Optical beam induced current (OBIC) is a laser signal fault isolation technique used to isolate defects and damage in semiconductor materials.

Lock-In Amplifier Augmented OBIC

This technique conditions the OBIC signal through a lock‐in amplifier significantly improving the signal‐to‐noise ratio and the overall detection capabilities of the system.

Laser Assisted Device Alteration (LADA):

Laser assisted device alteration (LADA) is an advanced laser injection fault isolation technique utilized when static fault isolation techniques are not successful in isolation a failure mechanism.
We have strategically invested in team members and equipment to maximize your resource utilization and application areas.

Product Debug

Bringing together our background in design, design verification/validation, test automation, system design, and failure analysis you have the ulitmate combination of techniques to support your most challenging debug issues.

Semiconductor Product Characterization

Semiconductor characterization is foundationally vitalto every successfully launch product released to and adopted by the open market.

Biomedical Device Analysis

There is a significant overlap in the technologies used in the fabrication and manufacturing of biomedical devices.

Counterfeit Analysis

Meet the dark side of high technology; the counterfeit market. Do you suspect your customers and distributors might be receiving counterfeit parts? Watson Analytical is here to aid you in all steps of your counterfeit invesigation.

Construction Analysis

Do you need to validate your manufacturing processes is operating within limits, reverse engineering a competitors product, or competative analysis? Watson Analytical can help with our Construction Analysis Services.

Product Reliability Testing

Reliability testing is a valuable engineering tool used to identify potential design and process vulnerabilities in a product prior to a product being released to production or before defects are detected by a customer in the field.

Materials Characterization

From process validation to material identification and from organic to inorganic materials, our team and tools are ready to support your materials analysis needs.

Custom Test Solutions

With our combination of test automation, system design, and pcb design we have the tools and know how to build you custom test solution.

Custom Debug and Analysis

Is your ATE or bench test solution limiting your debug abilities for one reason or another? Perhaps you need a set of general debug hardware. Watson Analytical is here and ready to collaborate with you and your team to support your custom debug solutions. Take your equipment and processes to the next level.


Do you need objective hard data to determine whether to pursue litigation or to supplement your legal argument?

Lab Design

Watson Analytical specializes in analytical and microfabrication lab design.


Have you purchased an analytical tool but not sure how to use it, or have non-technical staff who you would like to have a better understanding of the tools and processes used in an analysis flow?
We look forward to driving success into your business.

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