Professional services to rapidly implement your business requirements to reduce MTTR while maximizing the value derived from the lightstep incident response platform

Whether you are starting at 0% or you may have implemented your Lightstep Incident Response instance 90% of where you would like it to be, but just can’t figure out the final 10% business requirements that have been asked of you, the team at Pericror looks forward to helping you implement Lightstep Incident Response. We specialize in solving and creating solutions for the most difficult use cases from custom integrations & response automation to on-call scheduling. No use case is too large or too small; please contact us with your requirements for a quick quote on remotely implementing the desired feature.

Self Service Implementation


On-Call Calenders:

We can optimize your on-call shifts and rotations to maximize your employees wellbeing while also balancing the needs of your coverage.


Alert Integrations:

Whether integrating one of the existing solutions or doing something custom via a generic webhook or email, we can ingest alerts from whatever source systems you have, making sure to optimize formatting of the data.



Whether using response rules to enrich your alerts or trigger outbound webhooks, we will drive optimal automated process into your alert workflow. We will also work with you to understand and define optimal automated grouping rules to reduce noise.

Lightstep Incident Response Implementation

For most businesses, the your response team is too busy responding to properly learn how to configure a new solution. We can help take your requirements and define your teams, on-call calenders, services, alert integrations, and automation logic (response rules and grouping rules) in Lightstep Incident Response. We offer a turnkey core implementation, as well as advanced implementation offerings. We price simply at an hourly basis and are very efficient in our professional services.

Whether you need help migrating existing configurations from a solution like pagerduty or opsgenie, or you just want to ensure you are setting up your alert management and incident response workflows efficiently and along best practices, we are eager to help you and your team get up and running on lightstep incident response.

We look forward to driving success into your business.

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