Rapidly implement your business requirements along best practices to maximize your service management investments

You may have implemented your instance 90% to where you would like it to be, but just can’t figure out the final 10% business requirements that have been asked of you. We specialize in solving and creating solutions for the most difficult use cases. No use case is too large or too small; please contact us with your requirements for a quick quote on remotely implementing the desired feature.

Self Service Implementation


Catalog Items:

We can create and brand catalog items with the exact execution plan workflow and task assignments that your process entails.


Record Producers:

It is important to simplify and standardize the data entered by end users, we can configure your end user facing record producer forms to meet your requirements.



We will structure your user experience in an intuitive and engaging manner. We will also provide modern icons to represent the categories.

Custom Application Implementation

For most businesses, the IT oriented out of box applications aren’t enough. From HR Reviews and Finance records to Project and Task Management, the application(s) your business needs, we can build and Expand the request fulfillment and automated workflow module from ServiceNow Express beyond the enterprise- from HR Case Management and standardized Facility Requests, to Marketing and Legal, we deliver performance across your business. This includes a knowledge base, service catalog, and email differentiation for each department. We offer a turnkey core implementation, as well as advanced implementation offerings.

Please see our prebuilt Custom Application and Project Management application offerings. Contact us for any non-standard requests.

Custom Business Process Configuration

Utilizing workflow is key to standardizing and accelerating the way your business fulfills requests and provides services.


Execution plans:

Either for catalog items or record producers, our experts know how to implement the most efficient sequential/parallel execution plan workflow that aligns to your existing business processes.


Business Rule/UI Policy Automation:

For granular control over form data flow and data pre-population, we can configure and create any number of system rules your requirements dictate, including REST web service business rules. Web service business rules allow us to create record level workflow on any table, any time.


Email Notifications/Inbound email actions:

We can develop beautifully HTML formatted emails branded for your business to run exactly when you want, and to send dynamically to exactly whom you want. We will then process emails entering the system per your specifications.

Data Migration & Visualization

We understand that in most cases you will have data external to ServiceNow that you need transferred over. We will gladly create the required fields in ServiceNow and map them properly for your data’s import.


Custom Homepages & Reports:

Our business Gurus can help generate the homepages and reports your business needs to achieve service excellence.


Knowledgebase Implementation:

The most common request for importing legacy data comes from existing knowledgebase information. We can take in and format your existing data so that the transition to the ServiceNow knowledgebase is seamless.


CMDB Information:

Are your CMDB items being discovered in another solution? Or perhaps you have them existing in spreadsheets? In any case, we can configure and create your CI classes (tables) and fields so that all your existing data can be mapped in.


Legacy Tickets:

Do you want to take advantage of ServiceNow Express’s visualization capabilities to view legacy tickets? Allow us to handle the import and mapping of data from your existing tickets into ServiceNow.

We look forward to driving success into your business.

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