Innovation. Automation. Optimization.

These three words are the mantra that you will find running through all our work, regardless of if it is a service or product we deliver. Through innovation, we strive to combine creativity with cutting edge technology to create a solution that can exceed requirements through methods not previously considered. Through automation we find ourselves cutting down on costs both in services and products we can provide, as well as the day to day business costs your business undertakes. Optimization drives us to analyze problems in the broader scope of what you and your business is trying to accomplish, so that we can deliver not only functionality desired, but a solution that makes the most of the resources and time available.

Here at Pericror, we are constantly looking forward and familiarizing ourselves with the latest technology – so you don’t have to.

Our Mission: to transform the way businesses operate so that they can be confident they have put their best foot forward from a technological perspective. From a family run business looking for a new website, to a commercial organization looking to optimize their marketing spend or adopt service management within IT, Pericror is your ally in the digital age.

The name Pericror comes from two distinct latin words – Peritus, or “expert”, and Lucror, “gain, win”. It is a symbol of our mission to elevate your business through our expertise.



We have found that many organizations have internal processes and efforts that are manual, tedious, and ultimately costing the business tremendously. Here at Pericror, we will always find the optimal solution to meet both your budget and functional requirements. In addition, our experts have years of experience implementing tools and solutions, and have the expertise to quickly identify and recommend a path forward. In many cases, you may not be sure what you need- our consultants are keen to understanding all problems we can provide solutions for.

We understand that time is the most important resource – both in and outside of work. That’s why we’re committed to helping you and your business save time and effort wherever possible. Your resources should spend time doing the work that they want to be doing, not have to be doing. On this same regard, we are pioneering solutions that deploy in hours and weeks instead of days and months.

Finally, we believe that technology is an extension of our minds. As a result, the creativity and beauty of elegant, simple design should be seen in all our work. We take pride in every service we provide, and enjoy building a connection founded in the success of your business.

We look forward to driving success into your business.

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