Our ServiceNow app streamlines open source software detection, licensing, and user agreements across your engineering and business/legal functions

Built on the ServiceNow platform, the Pericror Open Source Software Management app provides full lifecycle management for the engineering and legal implications of using open source software.

Our app tracks and collects data across license terms, software use, product proposed usage, points of contact, support and maintenance, and business rationale.

Benefits to engineering workflow

Engineers can focus on the code they want to write, allowing our app systems to scan git repos for OSS compliance issues, while also recommending packages best suited for velocity. Engineering teams will be enabled to deploy and ship OSS without requiring additional business headcount to manage processes and dependencies.


Automated OSS detection:

Not only do we detect when OSS libraries and code is detected within your product environment for licensing, but we also detect if you are writing something similar to an existing OSS framework that you can leverage. This speeds up release while maintaining compliance with open source software requirements.


Self Service OSS Compliance:

Engineers should be able to focus on pushing the features and quality that matter to them and their product teams, without needing to be hindered by lengthy internal process and procedure. Our simple portal based submission and status portal for OSS requests makes the request status clear to the engineering and product team.

Benefits to the business

We track and loop in your necessary partner managers and legal teams so that you can review the terms of open source software usage agreements, and automatically draft up your own necessary licensing and user agreement documentation to add to your release deliverables.


Faster Legal Reviews

Our automated workflows and stakeholder management processes loop in the right business partner and legal teams, into the necessary tasks automatically. Work is prioritized by a business value calculater.  


Release faster, at lower cost

By removing the month long dependencies and process from the black-box of business legal teams, we can help teams innovate by releasing OSS enabled software to their customers more quickly. Our OSS recommendation systems also provide OSS alternatives to home-grown or purchased solutions.

We look forward to driving success into your business.

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