Survey, report on, and take action on employee mental wellness to improve retention and engagement.

Great employee experience includes meeting your employees where they are. Our survey capabilities are integrated across the ServiceNow mobile app, service portal, email, as well as slack integration.

Data is automatically normalized and collected for an employee across multiple channels, and strict access controls prevent non-managers from seeing teammates data.

Are you getting enough signal from your employees, team, and organization? Are you aware of how satisfied your employees are, and if their satisfaction is improving or worsening week over week?

In the age of a pandemic and ‘mass resignation’, it’s more important than ever to get a pulse on your employees wellbeing so that you can take action early and often.

A robust dashboard of prebuilt reports for managers will help you understand wellness trends at a individual, team and organizational level. Timeseries data is available on a weekly basis.


Mental Health Data

Mental health trends, documented in Harvard Business Review:


Organizations Are Not Meeting Employee Needs:

Only 49% of respondents described their experience of talking about mental health at work as positive or reported that they received a positive or supportive response, which is comparable to 2019 rates.


Mental Health is Driving Employee Turnover:

Sixty-eight percent of Millennials (50% in 2019) and 81% of Gen Zers (75% in 2019) have left roles for mental health reasons, both voluntarily and involuntarily, compared with 50% of respondents overall (34% in 2019). Ninety-one percent of respondents believed that a company’s culture should support mental health, up from 86% in 2019.


Mental Health Issues are Increasing:

Seventy-six percent of respondents reported at least one symptom of a mental health condition in the past year, up from 59% in 2019.

Our solution to for wellness & allyship

We believe that mental health is a right of every employee. Through our app capabilities, organizations can prove their commitment to listening to employees, and taking actionable steps to help those that are suffering or struggling. Organizations that prioritize mental health will see increase in employee engagement & productivity, with reduction in attrition. 


Self-Reporting Focus

By taking a survey first approach to monitoring employee wellbeing, we keep the power and control in the hand of the employees. Face to face encounters can be intimidating and daunting, so offering self service ways to reach out for help and indicate struggles will improve employee transparency, helping to start the important conversations employees need to have.


Visibility for Action

Automatically view realtime dashboards of employee sentiment levels with drill down available into additional comments. Our dashboards are meant to be your primary signal and indicator into areas of improvement and where discussion is needed to facilitate a healthier working environment.


Visibility for Action

AI NLP sentiment analysis on comments to identify high priority feedback. Machine Learning to predict at-risk employees through historical data and performance data. Prebuilt integrations with Lyra to connect employees with resources.

We look forward to driving success into your business.

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