Empower your ServiceNow Instance with our ChatGPT infused Generative AI ITSM workflows

Are you wondering how Generative AI like ChatGPT can help your ServiceNow workflows improve efficiency and reduce manual tasks?

With an generative AI LLM like ChatGPT integrated into ServiceNow, we overlay contextual recomemndations to speed up time to diagnose and remediate your issues.

ChatGPT can help augment any text based work as well as provide diagnosis information or tasks for resolution. With our store app, all you need to do is enter a API key and your workflows will benefit from OpenAI Generative AI!

Enhance ServiceNow Diagnosis and Remediation with Generative AI:

  • Augment issue short descriptions with probable cause and solutions
  • Generating troubleshooting playbooks
  • Auto summarize details from grouped alerts
  • Virtual expert to ask questions around diagnosis/remediation

Enhance ServiceNow Communication with Generative AI:

  • Generating Customer Updates During Major Incidents
  • Generating Postmortem & KB Documents After Major Incidents
  • Summarizing communication from Chat & voice channels (with action items)

ChatGPT Generative AI for ServiceNow

CHATGPT and other LLMs such as BARD utilize a large training set of data to provide contextual answers to user inputted prompts. This includes using generative AI in ServiceNow for auto completing text data, providing remediation ideas, and more.


Standardize Task Completion:

Utilize ChatGPT generated templates for your communication and post incident reviews. Collect a list of standard actions for incident remediation following any desired framework, e.g. ITIL or IT4IT.


Reduce Manual Labor:

Auto complete text based inputs, write servicenow code samples, provide insights on configuration, diagnosis, and remediation.  ServiceNow Generative AI will hep augment your workers knowledge with relevent recommendations.


Mobile Friendly Design:

Technicians can quickly get insights from an integrated chat client available on the mobile interface. Generative AI in ServiceNow is available anywhere.

llms Trained on Your Data

One of the key value props is in adding an ensemble function that adds training based on the data found in your ServiceNow instance to take advantage of existing knowledge.



Gain insights on the history of every question and input sent into the LLM API, and the resulting output. Reporting provides insights on the number of queries per month and the % of queries whose results where marked as helpful.


Auditing and Accountability

Understand what users sent what queries, and in what context. Get the ability to blacklist particular queries or terms from being inputted.


Regulatory Compliance

Compliance is key to theway we process and store the data trained on the LLM models, and we work to add proprietary filtering to results to ensure that malicious or otherwise harmful workplace content is not returned to the users.

We look forward to driving success into your business.

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