Utilize AI to automatically send personalized emails to your employees to test and improve their phishing awareness

Phishing is the largest threat to a organizations digital information security. With the Pericror AI Phishing Platform, you can proactively test and increase your employees awareness and wariness of phishing attempts.

Our system will send contextual, personalized emails to employees encouraging them to act in a manner that would compromise their device – from downloading files to providing credentials.

After the phishing is complete, report on the success and failure of your employees, and identify which employees you should sign up for additional training.

Your Phishing Toolkit

Our AI Phishing Platform allows you to start testing your employees in a matter of minutes, not days.



Security of your data is paramount. All employee data we capture is stored  in encrypted format and only called into memory to run. 



Deployment is quick and easy. We ingest a CSV file of your employees names and emails, and you define when to run the given Phishing campaign.



Visual and exportable reports allow you to quickly identifywhich employees failed the phishing campaign and require additional training.

Our ai data sources & process

Our AI begins by building a profile about the specific employee. Once personal details are captured, we utilize the latest natual language generation techniques to write a convincing email that speaks directly to the individual, citing their hobbies, profession, friends, coworkers, or family to build trust and improve phishing conversion.


Social Media & Online Sources

Our AI automatically scrapes data from LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram to build a profile of information we can use to generate convincing emails.  


Online Sources

We look into additional relevent events related to the data that is contextual to you. Examples include events in your local city, announcements from your company, sports highlights from your school or regions teams, or asks from professionals in leadership positions at your organization.

We look forward to driving success into your business.

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