The Pericror Field Calculator Chrome Extension is specially designed for the Chrome web browser and ServiceNow.

Why Pericror’s Field Calculator?

Technicians may commonly find themselves looking to conduct some form of arithmetic using the data found within the fields of a form in ServiceNow. Particularly, these users want the computation involving the field data to be saved within another field on the form.

The Pericror Field Calculator empowers its users to conduct the calculations directly using the ServiceNow form, preventing the need to copy and paste information into an external calculator and back into a field manually.

Click here for more information on utilizing the calculator.

Features within the Chrome Field Calculator:

  1. Addition
  2. Subtraction
  3. Multiplication
  4. Division
  5. Left Parenthesis (Used for nested expressions)
  6. Right Parenthesis (Used for nested expressions)
  7. Delete: Deletes the last entry in the calculator window
  8. Clear: Clears the calculator window
  9. Equals: Evaluates the expression in the calculator window
  10. Save: Allows you to save your calculation into one of the inputs on the page through its corresponding button.

Download the Pericror Field Calculator Chrome Extension

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