Embrace tracking and dashboard visibility into the vendor, agreement, cost, status and maintenance tasks related to your robot fleet with Pericror’s Robot Fleet Management app for ServiceNow.

Whether you are embracing a robot fleet for cleaning, inventory management, or manufacturing and packaging, our app lets you track each unit alongside its vendor, agreement, and cost information. Prebuilt integrations with leading robotics vendors means we can also poll and receive alerts for system issues, displaying your fleet health on a dashboard.

Built on ServiceNow, we integrate seamlessly with your existing CMDB/Asset Management, reporting, and incident/task workflows to streamline the management and operation of your robot fleet.

streamline robot fleet workflows

Our streamlined digital workflow platform for robot fleets means your operators can easily get their work done, whether it’s their first month on the job or hundredth. We include workflows and process for receiving and responding to alerts and issues with your robots, as well as being able to program your own recurring and automated maintenace tasks and checks.


Standardize Task Completion:

By taking routine, check-list based activities and turning them into digital workflows, you can standardize how and when tasks get done. In addition, you can set up proactive maintenance and cleaning schedules for robots.


Integrated Notifications & State Management:

Automated reminders and omni-channel notifications will ensure time sensitive robot activities will be completed. In addition, a single data source means that operators can easily take work over from eachother, without risk of duplicative tasks or other errors.


Mobile Friendly Design:

Technicians can quickly complete tasks in a workflow by adding relevent information or pictures directly from a native mobile application.

Improve visibility & tracking

One of the most important goals is to help your robot fleet operators reduce risk and error to maximize uptime and productivity. Robot fleets are significant financial investments, and we want to ensure that we can remove the risk and error associated with lost financial and health tracking of your robots.



Get realtime reporting and analytics at site and global levels in terms of the health of your robot fleet by location, vendor, type and cost. Easily identify where and how many robots have planned or unplanned maintenance tasks associated. 


Auditing and Accountability

Every action completed is logged in terms of who completed it and when. Maintenance schedules and on-call schedules can be defined to enforce a level of standardization among the completion time of specific tasks.


Asset Management

With such a large financial investment put into your robot fleet, we help you manage your assets effectively. From storing vendor contacts to lease and warranty agreements, we can help your teams stay on top of all the robots in your fleet, and where they where procured from.

We look forward to driving success into your business.

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