Automate repetitive tasks to remove human error and free up human capital

Does your business involve rote, repetitive tasks on the computer? Do you find yourself performing the set of tasks on a daily to weekly basis? Are you struggling to have an integration between two data sources within your environment? Save yourself and your company’s critical assets through Pericror’s automation and integration services. Whatever your job may entail, we can find an optimized solution to not only save you time and money, but to reduce human error as well.

Scripted Automation Services

Our programmers can take your current set of requirements and business flow and generate a optimized script to automate the business process.


Office Automation:

Our VBA and Win32Com experts know exactly how to translate your business’s current tasks in Excel or Word into an automated script that will not only reduce human error and apply data sanitization and validation, but that will automate repetitive inputs and motions. What this means is a significant savings to your businesses time and bottom line.


Web based automation:

Our Selenium and Python experts can take any route web based task, either for automation or testing, and automate it. We will work alongside you to identify the scope of what can be automated, and the best method to implement.

Automation/Service Management Platforms

When automating large scale business functions and processes that your business intends to track, visualize, and report on, we highly encourage implementation of ServiceNow Express. Our Pericror have the knowledge and expertise to transform this cloud based platform to meet and exceed your exact business needs.


Request Fulfillment:

With ServiceNow Express we can standardize, automate, and optimize the way your line of business handles request fulfillment. From IT and HR to Facilities and Engineering, our platform implementation is a proven value addition to driving transparency and efficiency into your workplace.



With ServiceNow Express workflows around work standardization, change management, and assignment, we can guarantee an acceleration in the time to fulfillment for your businesses services.


Data flow:

If workflows involve cross platform task generation, information transfer, and bidirectional communication, we can ensure these workflow needs are satisfied alongside the integration requirements.

We look forward to driving success into your business.

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