40% of GenZ search for their next restaurant using TikTok. Are you going to show up as a desirable option?

San Diego TikTok Marketing will help you gain awareness and attract more GenZ and Millenial clients to your San Diego restaurant.

Our San Diego TikTok Marketing experts have developed hundreds of thousands of followers while also having experience working in quick service and sit down restaurants. We understand both how your business works, as well as how to optimize your brand presence on TikTok.

Contact us below to quickly develop your TikTok brand presence and to gain more customers.

Our “ESSENTIAL Brand Presence” Service

Every restaurant in 2022 or later should have an account and presence on TikTok, so that they are easily discovered by GenZ and Millenials. This service will ensure you show up as a desirable local San Diego restaurant on TikTok. Our local San Diego based team has experience serving small business for 10+ years, and we are always adapting to the latest marketing channels and trends, whether web or social media. This is the most cost effective TikTok service.


Brand Presence:

We handle all the setup of your TikTok account, and post 10 videos using either existing video your team provides, or using our own on-site videography. We will ensure that content is optimized  for discovery on the TikTok platform using the right tags. We will edit the videos in a manner that is standard for TikTok.


Optional On-site Videography:

We can come on-site to your San Diego restaurant to record footage which we will use to setup your TikTok account with the most desirable shots of your location and dishes.


Interested in maximizing your reach to GenZ and Millenial audiences online? While having a brand presence is an essential start, consistently producing content will help your business maximize its reach and awareness. For restaurants with larger marketing budgets, we can partner on ensuring high quality edited TikTok videos are posted at a regular weekly basis using the latest trends and formats.


Weekly TikTok Posts

Social media platform success depends on the quantity and consistency of your posting. Our monthly TikTok marketing service for San Diego restaurants includes weekly posts from footage from your restaurant. Consistent posting will maximize your following and engagement with GenZ and millenial customers.  


Quarterly Filming at Location

While we are happy to edit and use footage you provide us, we can also come on-site to your San Diego restaurant to film TikTok marketing videos of your venue and your dishes.

We look forward to driving success into your business.

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