Embrace digital transformation in your laboratory to increase productivity while reducing risk, error, and non-compliance with Pericror’s Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for ServiceNow.

Whether you are working in chemicals, biotech, or pharmaceuticals, the core workflow of your research occurs in the laboratory.

Unfortunately, the processes that your lab techs need to undertake to complete their routine tasks and analyses are frequently across disparate systems, paper based record keeping, and complex interfaces. With our laboratory management system for ServiceNow, we digitize the workflows of the lab to save you cost and improve productivity.

streamline lab workflows

Our streamlined digital workflow platform for laboratories means your techs can easily get their work done, whether it’s their first month on the job or hundredth. We include workflows and process for sample tracking, storage management, protocol execution, and inventory/asset management.


Standardize Task Completion:

By taking routine, check-list based activities and turning them into digital workflows, you can standardize how and when tasks get done. In addition, you can set up proactive maintenance and cleaning schedules for machine and equipment.


Integrated Notifications & State Management:

Is it time to move a specimen? How long has a sample been sitting? Did the regent get applied already?  Automated reminders will ensure time sensitive lab activities will be completed, regardless of a shift change. In addition, a single data source means that lab techs can easily take work over from eachother, without risk of duplicative tasks or other errors.


Mobile Friendly Design:

Technicians can quickly complete tasks in a workflow by adding relevent information or pictures directly from a native mobile application.

Reduce risk and error

One of the most important goals is to help your laboratory reduce risk and error. Research takes time and diligence, and we want to ensure that we can remove the risk and error associated with historical manual, paper based processes.



By taking workflows of common laboratory workflows and tasks and digitizing them in ServiceNow, we can offer immediate transparency into the state of the lab. Managers can see the tasks completed by their technicians and researchers, as well as  how specific research projects are progressing.


Auditing and Accountability

Every action completed is logged in terms of who completed it and when. Service Level Agreements can be defined to enforce a level of standardization among the completion time of specific tasks.


Regulatory Compliance

Compliance is key to the longevity of a lab. We ensure you are setup to be in compliance with ISO17025, CLIA, HIPAA, 21 CFR Part 11, and GDPR requirements and regulations.

We look forward to driving success into your business.

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