Add visibility and request tracking for business requests into data analysts and scientists using our data service management workflows  for ServiceNow.

The modern business is driven by fast, data driven decision making. Business leaders are coming to data teams and analysts with more questions than ever.

Unfortunately, requests are generally unstandardized and tracked via email, speadsheats, or chat tools. By adding a data service management workflow, you can standardize the intake of data requests, while also providing visibility to business and data teams in terms of priorities and current work.

streamline DATA workflows

Our streamlined digital workflow platform for data teams means your analysts and scientists can easily get their work done, whether it’s their first month on the job or hundredth. We include workflows and process for ingesting data requests such as metric and reporting requirements, completing the aquisition and modeling of data, all the way to reading out the findings or making them available on a dashboard for the business.


Standardize Task Completion:

By taking routine, check-list based activities and turning them into digital workflows, you can standardize how and when data related tasks get done ensuring equal distribution among your team. In addition, you can set up proactive maintenance schedules for reviewing your data pipeline, dashboards, and metrics.


Integrated Notifications & State Management:

Is a metric calculated but not yet ready on a dashboard? Has work started on a specific data request, or is it pending?  Automated reminders will ensure time sensitive data activities will be completed for the business.


Mobile Friendly Design:

Data scientists can quickly complete tasks in a workflow by adding relevent information and updates directly from a native mobile application.


One of the most important goals is to help your business and data leaders improve visibility and prioritization of tasks. Creating metrics and reports takes time and diligence, and we want to ensure that we can track and prioritize the work effeciently.



By taking workflows of key steps in the data science process and digitizing them in ServiceNow, we can offer immediate transparency into the state of the data request. Managers can see the tasks completed by their analysts and scientists as well as  how specific business asks are progressing. Business leaders can visualize the current backlog of requests and can help provide prioritization feedback.


Auditing and Accountability

Every action completed is logged in terms of who completed it and when. Service Level Agreements can be defined to enforce a level of standardization among the completion time of specific tasks.


Standardized Request Intake

Direct your business leaders to a self service portal that provides configurable intake forms, as well as a self service view to check the status, and to prioritize all of their analytics requests. No more unstructured requests that go untracked.

We look forward to driving success into your business.

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