The Pericror Project Management application for ServiceNow Express is a specialized custom application deployment service that is completed in four business days or less. We will setup a functioning project management application complete with integrated reports, notifications, and business logic.

Why Pericror?

Our experts have formulated a solution that will configure a custom task based application using best practices.

Our solution is designed specifically for a single instance model, meaning that even if you have already gone live with ServiceNow Express, you can deploy a Pericror custom application without risking confusion or impact to existing users or technicians.

Don’t spend thousands of dollars on expensive consultant hours when Pericror will deliver a better application at a fraction of the price.

Application Core:

  • Custom Project Manager Role
  • Custom Project Manager Group with Role inheritance
  • Custom Task extended tables/application for Project & Project Task
  •  Preconfigured Project & Project Task fields & forms

Additional functionality included:




Create New

My Projects

Work in Progress


Project Tasks

Assigned to me

Work in Progress



Overview homepage (six Project Management reports):

Project Calendar (Calendar)

Project Task Calendar (Calendar)

Projects by Portfolio (Pie)

Overdue Tasks (List)

Open Projects by Project Manager (Bar)

Open Project Tasks by Project (Bar)


Business Processing:

Preceding task dependency enforcement

Automated start time based on WIP state

Automated end time based on closed state

Email Processing:

Outbound Notifications:

Project/Project Task record commented

Project/Project Task record work noted

Project/Project Task record closed

Project/Project Task assigned to my group

Project/Project Task assigned to me

Don’t become frustrated attempting to coordinate with consultant resources in separate time zones and schedules – Pericror will complete all configurations within one business day.

Don’t pay high costs iterating over basic requirements with a consultant, only to be unsure of what configurations were made in your instance – Pericror provides full transparency over exactly what you will receive with one of our custom application deployments:

Each Pericror configured Project Management application will include the following records and functionality. These configurations were designed to meet and exceed minimum go live requirements for any project management application, and are specifically implemented to have no visible changes for non-admin users.

We look forward to driving success into your business.

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