The Pericror Topic Analysis Report is a list of the top  terms/topics that appear in your selected data. You can choose any table and String field in your ServiceNow instance. We will provide this information to you within four business days- or your money back.

Why Pericror?

Our experts have formulated a solution that will configure a custom topic analysis report using best practices.

Our solution is designed with security in mind, meaning we do not store any of your day on any of our systems outside of the run-time to generate the report. All data submitted is encrypted in transit via SSL. Every analysis is conducted on just your data – and doesn’t co-mingle or use models trained off other customers data.

Don’t spend thousands of dollars on expensive business analyst or data scientist hours when Pericror will deliver quality insights at low price.


 Why Conduct a Pericror Topic Analysis?

  • Understand the top most common phrases and issues encountered in your business environment
  • Understand what knowledge base content to generate or refine
  • Prioritize conversations you want to implement in a chatbot
  • Understand what issues you should invest in automating
  • Quickly receive a report on any table and string field in your instance, such as incident short descriptions


Our Topic Analysis Process:

We Access Your Data:

Using industry standard REST API’s

The only information we need is:

  • Temporary credentials for access
  • Table and field you want to run the analysis on (e.g. incident, short_description)
  • The history of data you want to pull (e.g. 6 months vs all)


Run Natural Language Processing:

Proprietary algorithm automatically pre-processes your retrieved data to eliminate human error

We use the latest Natural Language Toolkit and techniques

Latent Dirichlet Allocation using Collapsed Gibbs sampling


Conduct Report Generation:

We generate a human readable report documenting your top twenty terms and phrases

We provide additional information confirming the data size and source

We Email You the Report:

You will be provided the top topics that occur in your data

After passing our quality requirements, your report will be automatically emailed to your designated purchase contact

Additional reports can be purchased on any table and string field in your instance

Don’t become frustrated attempting to coordinate with costly business analyst or data science resources in separate time zones and schedules – Pericror will complete all topic reports within four business days.

Don’t pay high costs iterating over basic requirements with a consultant or data scientist, only to be unsure of what configurations were made in your instance – Pericror provides full transparency over our process.

Each Pericror topic analysis report will include as many topics our algorithms can detect, ranked by volume.

You will be able to make granular selections regarding the table, field, number of topics, and number of terms per topic to analyze.

We look forward to driving success into your business.

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