Why is Pericror doing this?

We all started somewhere, most of Pericror’s employees have relatives who own their own business. So we understand value and importance that an online presence can have on a small business. We know your day to day operations can be very time consuming which usually leaves you with no time to handle any marketing efforts. So let us take some stress of your shoulders!

Are there any hidden fees?

The only thing we will ask you to pay for is your domain name(if you don’t already have one) and a way to host your website. We can help you set up your own hosting plan or you can choose to have us host it for $10/month.

What is included in the website design and development?

The website we will design for you will have 4 fundamental pages which are, Home – About – Services – Contact.

We will send you a word document where we will ask you to fill out questions regarding your company so we know what text to put where. As for pictures, we will have our photographer go out to take several photos of your business office, products, etc.


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