Apple Vision Pro Spatial Video Recording Service San Diego

Are you looking to hire someone to record Apple Vision Pro Spatial Videos for your event in San Diego?
Our experienced videographers have cutting edge experience capturing apple vision pro spatial videos in San Diego. We have experience with:
– Spatial Video Recording for Birthdays in San Diego
– Spatial Video Recording for Weddings in San Diego
– Spatial Video Recording for Private Events in San Diego
– Spatial Video Recording for Corporate Events in San Diego

Our videographers leverage the latest hardware, including the Canon EOS R7 camera with spatial lens, tailor-made for creating spatial video for the Vision Pro headset.

Why capture spatial video?

Spatial videos enhances the depth of captured videos and images, allowing you to experience and view your spatial videos with devices such as the AppleVisionPro and get the feeling that your looking into a 3 Dimensional scene, and not just a 2 dimensional image. Reliving you favorite memories and places has never been easier than with spatial videos.

Looking to hire a spatial video videographer to record your event with spatial video in San Diego?

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We look forward to capturing your event with latest technology! At Pericror we are one of the few videographers that offers Spatial Video recording service and videography in San Diego, available to hire to capture your most memorable events.

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