What is the best controller binding for halo infinite?

The best controller binding settings for halo infinite is a variation of bumper jumper that focus’s on strafing with crouching.

I am a onyx halo player and after multiple games of adjustment and testing, here is the best controller setup I have found:


Bumper jumper with the following customizations:

  • Crouch on left trigger
  • Throw grenade on left bumper
  • Jump on A
  • Pickup weapon on X
  • Utility on B
  • Left stick press for sprint

These controller bindings for halo infinite will give you the maximum control over all actions without requiring you to move your fingers off the joysticks.

Importantly, this controller binding for halo infinite optimizes easy crouch access for crouch strafing. This is the preferred strafe method over the old bumper jump version, since jumping removes aim assist while also making your movement more predictable.

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