4 Steps to Selling Cryptocurrency for USD using Coinbase and Binance (~5 min of total time)


Registered Coinbase Account:

Get 10$ of free bitcoin on your first 100$ or more trade when you sign up to Coinbase with this affiliate link:

Registered Binance Account:

Signing up for a Binance account is quick and easy when you sign up using the following affiliate link. Simply press ‘Register’ in the upper right after clicking the link:


Step 1: Locate your Coinbase Bitcoin Wallet Address

Head to Accounts -> BTC Wallet -> Receive -> Show Address. Be sure to copy down this exact value for use in a following step.

Step 2: Convert all your Binance coins to BTC

Head to Funds -> Deposits / Withdrawals.

Step 3: Transfer your Bitcoin from Binance to your Coinbase Wallet

Under Funds -> Deposits / Withdrawals, find your BTC and select the ‘Withdrawal’ button. Enter your BTC address you copied from Coinbase in the first step. Make sure to check the accuracy of the address.

Step 4: Sell your Bitcoin for USD in Coinbase 

Once the transaction is confirmed by the network, you will see the BTC when you go to your Coinbase Buy/Sell tab, and choose to sell from BTC. Deposit to your USD Wallet or other linked account.

Congratulations! You quickly sold your crypto for USD using Binance & Coinbase.


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