Fiverr is a freelance market place offering different often digital services. One of the perks of fiverr is that the labor pool is international, allowing you to access relatively cheaper services from service providers in India, Pakistan, Thailand, ect that often are cheaper than western counterparts while providing a similar level of service. On Fiverr, you can find SEO services ranging from analysis to backlinks & guest posts. One common offering is backlink services. You will often see posts offer “high DA” backlinks. It is important to remember with backlinks, the higher the domain authority (DA) of the back linking page, the better the backlinks affect on your linked page authority (PA) and domain authority which contributes to the search ranking of your page. A high search ranking results in more visitors to your site, and is a critical area of investment for website operators.

The Fiverr backlink providers create backlinks using a variety of means from spam forum bot commenting & user profile backlinks to high quality contextual guest posts. Tiered backlinks have your domain on the first tier, and then create backlinks that refer to the page with your backlink (creating tiers of backlinks with the page containing your backlink at the top tier). Since the quality of the service varies, you should determine where your backlinks are coming from before purchasing any of these services.  In this post, we focus on Fiverr SEO backlink services, and determine if Fiverr backlinks work in improving SEO.

Fiverr Backlink Case Study #1: College Dorm Reviews

In our first case study, we try to improve the domain ranking & SEO of a college dorm review site, For this site, we focused on a “quantity over quality” approach, and purchased a variety of backlink services:

Service Links Cost
High DA Contextual Backlinks 331 Backlinks $23.10
Tiered Backlinks 405 Tier 1 Backlinks $23.10
Forum Backlinks 1500 Backlinks $17.83

Totaling 2,236 backlinks costing $64.03. Before purchasing the backlinks, our moz seo domain analysis resulted in:

One month after purchasing the backlinks, we noticed the expected increase in linking root domains but a decrease in domain authority, potentially due to toxic backlinks:

Two months after purchasing the backlinks the linking root domains continue to rise, as well as domain authority and ranking keywords:

Preliminary results from moz domain analysis showed an increase in Linking Root Domains which was good, however a drop in our DA which was bad. This was presumably due to the presence of toxic backlinks: high spam domains who negatively contribute to your backlinks. An additional fiverr service to identify toxic backlinks was purchased and the resulting links added to Google’s search console disavow list, so that they don’t negatively affect the sites ranking. Traffic on the site has increased, however is is unclear how much is the result of the backlinks purchased and how much is seasonal factors.

Fiverr Backlink Case Study #2: Teach Kids Robotics

In our second case study, we try to improve the domain ranking & SEO of a robotics learning site, For this site, we focus on a “quality over quantity” approach. We reduce the backlinks purchased, but in exchange try to get higher DA backlinks from less toxic sources. We do this by focusing more on guest posts on high DA sites. A guest post allows you to get a contextual backlink from a high DA site. We purchased the following backlink services:

Service Links Cost
High DA Guest Post 1 Guest Post containing 6 Backlinks $7.28
High DA Guest Post: 1 Guest Post containing 6 Backlinks $12.55
High Quality Tiered DA Backlinks 48 Backlinks $44.20
High DA Social Backlinks 50 Backlinks $23.10
Manual Backlinks 50 Backlinks $12.55
High DA Guest Post 1 Guest Post containing 6 Backlinks $7.28
High DA Contextual Backlinks 80 backlinks (Custom Offer) $44.20
High DA Contextual Link Building 110 Backlinks (Guest Post/Profile/Manual Blog Posts) (Custom Offer) $116.50

Totaling 356 backlinks costing $267.66 dollars. Before purchasing the backlinks around 3/12/22, moz analysis had no data on our website, as it was brand new with content generated 1/1/2022, and no previous backlinks.

Within one month, our DA, PA & linking domains significantly improved on the moz analysis, from previously not existing:

Preliminary results from moz domain analysis showed an increase in Linking Root Domains, but not to the extent as with our first case study, an intentional focus on quality over quantity. Over time, we can expect more backlinks to be discovered and added. This approach seems to have worked better, as the site was . The site now has the following ranking stats:

Can you increase your DA/PA using Fiverr backlinks?

As a result of our two case studies, we have determined that it is possible to increase your DA/PA using fiverr backlinks, resulting in better SEO. As we have learned by comparing quantity and quality, quality prevails, meaning when purchasing SEO services on fiverr, focus on sellers providing low counts of high DA backlinks or guest posts. It will cost more to receive quality manual and contextual back links, but these short term costs are worth it as a long term investment. Contextual backlinks matching your on backlinked page keywords will help with ranking keywords.

So, do fiverr backlinks work? We think so.

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