West Coast Auto Detailing

West Coast Auto Detailing

Brian from West Coast Auto Detailing delivers beautiful end results to his clients. Unfortunately, the quality and appearance of his website did not reflect the quality of his work.

The website was outdated, and Brian was left to fend for himself when any updates had to be made.

In short time, Pericror offered a full refresh and continued maintenance. Now, pictures of Brians detailing work is seamlessly integrated into his site.

In addition, Pericror cut Brians hosting costs in half when he decided to move over to our hosting.

Customer Testimonial: “Pericror did a great job on rebuilding my West Coast Auto Detailing website..I was impressed how quickly it was done and professional it looked.He also took the time to point out changes on my site that should be made..definitely would recommend their services” – Brian, Owner of West Coast Auto Detailing

Project Completed on

March 13, 2015

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