The Java String endsWith function is a method that is used to check whether a given string ends with a specified suffix or not. It returns a boolean value of true if the string ends with the specified suffix, and false otherwise. The endsWith function takes a single argument, which is the suffix that needs to be checked. This function is case-sensitive, which means that it considers the case of the characters in the string and the suffix. It is commonly used in string manipulation and validation tasks, such as checking file extensions or validating email addresses. Keep reading below to learn how to Java String endsWith in TypeScript.

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Java String endsWith in TypeScript With Example Code

Java String’s `endsWith()` method is a useful tool for checking if a string ends with a specific character or sequence of characters. In TypeScript, we can use the same method to achieve the same functionality.

To use `endsWith()` in TypeScript, we first need to create a string variable. Let’s say we have a string variable called `myString` and we want to check if it ends with the characters “world”. We can use the following code:

let myString: string = "Hello world";
if (myString.endsWith("world")) {
console.log("myString ends with 'world'");

In this example, we use the `endsWith()` method to check if `myString` ends with the characters “world”. If it does, we log a message to the console.

It’s important to note that `endsWith()` is case-sensitive. So if we want to check if a string ends with a specific character or sequence of characters regardless of case, we need to convert the string to lowercase or uppercase before using `endsWith()`.

Overall, using `endsWith()` in TypeScript is a simple and effective way to check if a string ends with a specific character or sequence of characters.

Equivalent of Java String endsWith in TypeScript

In conclusion, TypeScript provides a powerful and efficient way to work with strings in your code. The equivalent Java String endsWith function in TypeScript is the endsWith() method, which allows you to check if a string ends with a specific substring. This method is easy to use and provides a reliable way to perform string operations in your TypeScript code. By using the endsWith() method, you can ensure that your code is efficient, reliable, and easy to maintain. So, if you’re working with strings in TypeScript, be sure to take advantage of this powerful method to make your code more robust and efficient.

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