The Java String join function is a method that allows you to concatenate multiple strings into a single string, using a specified delimiter. It takes an array or an iterable of strings as input, along with the delimiter that you want to use to separate the strings. The method then joins the strings together, inserting the delimiter between each string, and returns the resulting string. This function is useful when you need to combine multiple strings into a single string, such as when constructing a message or a file path. Keep reading below to learn how to Java String join in Bash.

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Java String join in Bash With Example Code

Java String join is a useful method for concatenating strings with a delimiter. However, what if you need to use this method in a Bash script? Fortunately, there is a way to achieve this using the Bash built-in command printf.

The syntax for using printf to join strings is as follows:

printf "%s{delimiter}" "${array[@]}"

Here, "%s{delimiter}" specifies the format string, where %s represents the placeholder for each element in the array, and {delimiter} is the delimiter you want to use to join the strings. "${array[@]}" is the array of strings you want to join.

For example, let’s say you have an array of strings:

fruits=("apple" "banana" "orange")

To join these strings with a comma delimiter, you can use the following command:

printf "%s," "${fruits[@]}"

This will output:


Note that the delimiter is added after each element, including the last one. If you don’t want the delimiter after the last element, you can remove it using sed:

printf "%s," "${fruits[@]}" | sed 's/,$/\n/'

This will output:


Now you know how to use Java String join in Bash using the printf command. Happy scripting!

Equivalent of Java String join in Bash

In conclusion, the equivalent Java String join function in Bash can be achieved using the IFS (Internal Field Separator) variable and the array expansion syntax. By setting the IFS to the desired delimiter and using the “${array[*]}” syntax, we can easily concatenate the elements of an array with the specified delimiter. This functionality is particularly useful when working with Bash scripts that require string manipulation and formatting. With this knowledge, Bash developers can now easily replicate the functionality of the Java String join function in their scripts.

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