The JavaScript Array every() function is used to check if all the elements in an array pass a certain test. It takes in a callback function as an argument, which is executed on each element of the array. If the callback function returns true for all elements, then the every() function returns true. If the callback function returns false for any element, then the every() function returns false. The every() function stops executing the callback function as soon as it encounters the first element for which the callback function returns false. If the array is empty, then the every() function returns true. Keep reading below to learn how to Javascript Array every in PHP.

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Javascript Array every in PHP With Example Code

JavaScript’s every() method is a useful tool for checking if all elements in an array pass a certain test. But what if you’re working in PHP and need to perform a similar operation? Fortunately, PHP has a built-in function that can help: array_every().

To use array_every(), you’ll need to define a callback function that tests each element in the array. The callback function should return true if the element passes the test, and false otherwise. Here’s an example:

function is_even($n) {
return $n % 2 == 0;

$array = array(2, 4, 6, 8);

if (array_every($array, 'is_even')) {
echo "All elements are even.";
} else {
echo "Not all elements are even.";

In this example, the is_even() function tests whether a number is even. The array contains only even numbers, so array_every() returns true and the message “All elements are even.” is displayed.

If the array contained at least one odd number, array_every() would return false and the message “Not all elements are even.” would be displayed.

It’s worth noting that array_every() stops checking elements as soon as it encounters one that fails the test. This can be useful for optimizing performance when working with large arrays.

In summary, if you need to check whether all elements in a PHP array pass a certain test, array_every() is a handy function to have in your toolkit.

Equivalent of Javascript Array every in PHP

In conclusion, the equivalent Javascript Array every function in PHP is a powerful tool for developers who want to iterate through an array and check if every element meets a certain condition. By using the every function, developers can easily write clean and concise code that is easy to read and maintain. Whether you are working with large datasets or just need to check if a few elements meet a certain criteria, the every function in PHP is a valuable tool to have in your programming arsenal. So, if you are looking to improve your PHP coding skills, be sure to explore the every function and see how it can help you write more efficient and effective code.

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