The JavaScript String indexOf function is used to find the index of a specified substring within a string. It takes one or two arguments, the first being the substring to search for and the second being an optional starting index. If the substring is found, the function returns the index of the first occurrence of the substring within the string. If the substring is not found, the function returns -1. The function is case-sensitive, meaning that it will only match substrings that have the same case as the search string. The indexOf function is commonly used in JavaScript to search for specific characters or words within a string and to manipulate strings based on their contents. Keep reading below to learn how to Javascript String indexOf in C#.

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Javascript String indexOf in C# With Example Code

JavaScript’s indexOf() method is a useful tool for finding the position of a substring within a string. If you’re working in C#, you might be wondering how to achieve the same functionality. Fortunately, C# provides a similar method that works in much the same way.

The C# equivalent of indexOf() is IndexOf(). This method is available on the string class, and takes a single argument: the substring you’re searching for. Here’s an example:

string myString = "Hello, world!";
int index = myString.IndexOf("world");
// index is now 7

In this example, we create a new string object called myString, and then use the IndexOf() method to find the position of the substring “world”. The result is stored in the index variable, which is equal to 7.

Like indexOf(), IndexOf() returns -1 if the substring is not found. Here’s an example:

string myString = "Hello, world!";
int index = myString.IndexOf("foo");
// index is now -1

In this example, we search for the substring “foo”, which does not appear in the string. As a result, the IndexOf() method returns -1.

Overall, the IndexOf() method in C# provides similar functionality to JavaScript’s indexOf() method. By using this method, you can easily find the position of a substring within a string in your C# code.

Equivalent of Javascript String indexOf in C#

In conclusion, the equivalent function of Javascript’s String indexOf in C# is the IndexOf method of the String class. This method returns the index of the first occurrence of a specified substring within the current string object. It also allows for the specification of a starting index for the search and the option to ignore case sensitivity. While the syntax may differ slightly between the two languages, the functionality remains the same. As a C# developer, understanding the IndexOf method is crucial for efficient string manipulation and searching within your code.

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