The JavaScript String toUpperCase() function is a built-in method that converts all the characters in a string to uppercase letters. It returns a new string with all the alphabetic characters in the original string converted to uppercase. The original string remains unchanged. This function is useful when you want to compare strings without considering their case or when you want to display text in all uppercase letters. The toUpperCase() function can be called on any string variable or string literal and does not take any arguments. Keep reading below to learn how to Javascript String toUpperCase in C#.

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Javascript String toUpperCase in C# With Example Code

Converting a string to uppercase is a common task in programming. In C#, you can use the ToUpper() method to convert a string to uppercase. However, if you are coming from a JavaScript background, you might be used to using the toUpperCase() method instead. Fortunately, there is a way to achieve the same result in C#.

The ToUpper() method is a member of the string class in C#. It returns a new string that is the uppercase version of the original string. Here is an example:

string myString = "hello world";
string upperCaseString = myString.ToUpper();
Console.WriteLine(upperCaseString); // Output: HELLO WORLD

As you can see, the ToUpper() method returns a new string that is all uppercase. The original string remains unchanged.

If you prefer to use the toUpperCase() method like you would in JavaScript, you can create an extension method in C# that does the same thing. Here is an example:

public static class StringExtensions
public static string ToUpperCase(this string str)
return str.ToUpper();

With this extension method, you can now use the ToUpperCase() method on any string in your C# code:

string myString = "hello world";
string upperCaseString = myString.ToUpperCase();
Console.WriteLine(upperCaseString); // Output: HELLO WORLD

Using either the ToUpper() method or the ToUpperCase() extension method, you can easily convert a string to uppercase in C#.

Equivalent of Javascript String toUpperCase in C#

In conclusion, the C# language provides a similar function to the JavaScript String toUpperCase() method, called ToUpper(). This function can be used to convert all characters in a string to uppercase, making it easier to compare and manipulate strings in C# code. While the syntax and usage may differ slightly between the two languages, the end result is the same. As a developer, it’s important to understand the similarities and differences between programming languages and their functions, in order to write efficient and effective code. By utilizing the ToUpper() function in C#, developers can easily convert strings to uppercase and streamline their code.

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