The Linux “cp” command is used to copy files and directories from one location to another. It takes two arguments: the source file or directory and the destination directory. If the destination directory does not exist, it will be created. The command can also be used to copy multiple files at once by specifying them as arguments. Additionally, the “-r” option can be used to copy directories recursively. The “cp” command can be useful for creating backups, moving files between directories, and duplicating files for editing or sharing.. Keep reading below to learn how to linux cp in python.

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Linux ‘cp’ in Python With Example Code

If you’re a Python developer who works with Linux, you may find yourself needing to copy files or directories from one location to another. Fortunately, Python has a built-in module called shutil that makes it easy to perform file operations like copying.

To use shutil to copy a file, you can use the copy method. Here’s an example:

import shutil
shutil.copy('/path/to/source/file', '/path/to/destination/folder')

This will copy the file located at /path/to/source/file to the folder located at /path/to/destination/folder.

If you want to copy a directory and its contents, you can use the copytree method. Here’s an example:

import shutil
shutil.copytree('/path/to/source/folder', '/path/to/destination/folder')

This will copy the entire directory located at /path/to/source/folder to the folder located at /path/to/destination/folder.

Keep in mind that if the destination folder already exists, copy will overwrite any files with the same name, and copytree will raise an error. To avoid this, you can use the ignore parameter to specify files or directories to exclude from the copy.

With shutil, copying files and directories in Python is a breeze!

Equivalent of linux cp in python

In conclusion, the equivalent of the Linux cp command in Python is the shutil module. This module provides a simple and efficient way to copy files and directories in Python. With the shutil module, you can easily copy files and directories, preserve file metadata, and handle errors that may occur during the copying process. Additionally, the shutil module provides a range of other useful functions for working with files and directories in Python. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced Python developer, the shutil module is a valuable tool to have in your toolkit for file management tasks.

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