The Python ord() function is a built-in function that returns the Unicode code point of a given character. It takes a single argument, which can be a string of length 1 or a Unicode character. The returned value is an integer representing the Unicode code point of the character. The ord() function is useful when working with Unicode strings and characters, as it allows you to convert characters to their corresponding code points, which can then be used for various operations such as sorting, searching, and encoding. Keep reading below to learn how to python ord in Javascript.

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Python ‘ord’ in Javascript With Example Code

Python’s `ord()` function returns the Unicode code point of a given character. In JavaScript, there is no direct equivalent to `ord()`, but it is possible to achieve the same result using the `charCodeAt()` method.

To use `charCodeAt()`, simply call it on a string and pass in the index of the character you want to get the code point for. For example:

const codePoint = "A".charCodeAt(0);
console.log(codePoint); // Output: 65

In this example, we call `charCodeAt()` on the string “A” and pass in the index 0 to get the code point for the first character in the string. The output is 65, which is the Unicode code point for the letter “A”.

It’s important to note that `charCodeAt()` returns the code point as a number, not a string. If you need to convert the code point to a string, you can use the `String.fromCharCode()` method. For example:

const codePoint = "A".charCodeAt(0);
const codePointString = String.fromCharCode(codePoint);
console.log(codePointString); // Output: "A"

In this example, we first get the code point for the letter “A” using `charCodeAt()`, and then convert it back to a string using `String.fromCharCode()`.

Overall, while JavaScript doesn’t have a direct equivalent to Python’s `ord()` function, it’s still possible to get the Unicode code point of a character using the `charCodeAt()` method.

Equivalent of Python ord in Javascript

In conclusion, the equivalent function of Python’s ord() in JavaScript is the charCodeAt() method. Both functions serve the same purpose of returning the Unicode code point of a character. However, it is important to note that the charCodeAt() method returns the code point in decimal form, while the ord() function returns it in integer form. Additionally, the charCodeAt() method can only be used on strings, while the ord() function can be used on any character. Overall, understanding the similarities and differences between these two functions can help developers effectively manipulate and work with Unicode characters in their code.

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