In this guide, we show you the 4 easy steps to adding a large variety of custom filters for zoom video by adding the snap camera for zoom. Use filters in your next zoom meeting!

If you don’t want custom filters and just want a few basic options available in a few clicks, then, Zoom also came out with a native filter feature which you can use instead. The native filters, while less options, provide a recommended approach for enterprise employees where security is greater concern and downloaded apps is discouraged. As you can see below, it’s available simply by going to the background & filters tab from zoom settings, and picking a video filter. If you’re already on a call, you can choose video filter as a option under the virtual background option of your camera settings.

So, you want to know how to add custom filters for zoom video feed. You may have read about how you can add background images and videos, but how do you add filters for zoom video?

The answer for custom filters is by adding the snap camera for zoom. In this guide, we show you the 4 easy steps to adding filters to your zoom video by adding the snap camera for zoom.

  1. Install the snap camera by going to this link. Note: Make sure you don’t violate any company policies around 3rd party software installation!
  2. Open and run the snap camera application. You will need to give it access to your camera and microphone. Once you launch it, it will open your live camera feed and give you a list of filters to search from below. Clicking a filter below will apply it to your video feed.
  3. Close your zoom application, and re-open it. Then, head to the preferences section.
  4. Head to the Video section of the Settings, and click the camera drop down. From here, select the Snap Camera.

Congratulations! You can now be adding filters to your zoom video by adding the snap camera for zoom


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