Whether you are a student or working professional, you can read our list and add one of our best free zoom video backgrounds to your zoom sessions today. With the millions of workers, students, and families working, studying, and operating from home due to the recent novel coronavirus quarantines, the adoption of zoom has sharply increased. As more and more individuals use zoom, you may start noticing the ‘green screen’ feature and picture backgrounds. But did you know you can also set a zoom video background? In this article, we highlight what we think are the best free zoom video backgrounds to add to your video sharing on zoom today. While different organizations may have policies around etiquette for video background use, we see many tech organizations encouraging their employees to get creative to help boost employee morale, and teachers encouraging students to stay engaged while taking classes online.

So how do you go about setting up a free zoom video background like the disco lights in the zoom meeting image above? The first step is learning where to go in zoom to set your virtual background. You’ll find the ability to upload the background picture or video of your choosing in your zoom settings.

To get the detailed instructions on where to find this setup, we advise you read the entire setup article available from zoom here.

As you browse our favorite list of the best zoom video backgrounds below, make sure that the resolution/size of the video you download matches the same size that your video camera can handle.

Did you know you can add snapchat like filters to your live zoom video? Check out how to add filters to your zoom video.

Now that you’ve read how to set it up, let’s get to our list of our ten best free zoom video backgrounds below. All the videos where selected with stringent criteria to be free, loop relatively seamlessly, unique, and not too distracting for your meetings. Click the link titles to head to a free download page, where you can note attribution.

Our first favorite category of the best free zoom video backgrounds are around nature. While the stress of work and working from home in a unstructured environment are many, the calming efforts of nature are sure to improve the mood of others whether you are on a work conference call or discussing with classmates. There are many companies built on the mantra of Health Through Nature, and it is very interesting to see that even in today’s age of indoor remote work and technology, there is a desire to embrace the outdoors. Most of these nature videos selected loop relatively well, and provide a minor sense of ‘animation’ to keep the background alive without overwhelming your fellow zoom attendees. The range of ‘animation’ can change from large start shifts in the Milky Way to very minor rustling of grass in the Alaskan Sunset.

If you are looking for unique image backgrounds instead of video, check out our top 5 zoom image landscape backgrounds featuring backgrounds from cinema.

1. San Bartolomeo Milky Way

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2. Beach and shell

3. Blurry Trees

4. Alaskan Valley Sunset

5. Animated Winter

Our second category is around futuristic and pattern based designs. These designs can help focus viewers and keep there interest levels on the topic of discussion you are presenting. We are very fond of the infinite looping found in the purple grid lines, but you may decide that you prefer the slower, calmer movement of the blue sea over the fast line movements.

6. Floating Purple Circles

7. Infinite Moving Lines

8. Blue Sea with Planets

Our third category is one we advise using on occasion throughout a long meeting. While attendees may have become use to one of the other best free video zoom backgrounds, we encourage you to quickly toggle on one of our party themed backgrounds to grab the viewers interest and attention, or simply lighten the mood of any discussion.

9. Disco Lights

10. Club Party

Now that you’ve read our list of our best free zoom video background videos, we encourage you to try more and keep things interesting! You can change your backgrounds anytime on your calls so ensure to respect others visual sensitivity and company policy as you explore this fun zoom feature in the modern world of work and study from home.


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