Google has useful analytics tools to help webmasters track visitors through their google search console. Once a popular page has been identified through analytics, google trends can be used to come up with with equally popular content. we explore how to use these two tools from a live case study from the Pericror website. In early April, we created our own collection of popular Zoom video backgrounds. This one off blog post would have been the only page we created, however by monitoring the google search console we were able to identify it as an opportunity for visitor growth. Looking at our search console in early April we noticed a sudden increase in traffic:

Which we could partially attribute to a recently made post on Zoom backgrounds contributing new page views:

We identified zoom backgrounds as a potential trend to follow on. By using google trend’s related queries feature, we found that zoom background images were the most popular related query:

This lead us to refocus from zoom video backgrounds to zoom image backgrounds. From there, we focused on specific themes for image backgrounds, using google trends to further identify which themes would be most popular by comparing search terms and creating blogs for the most popular ones:

Once we identified a set of themes, we compiled images and created pages. As predicted by google trends, the theme pages were all popular, and soon made up the majority of our visitors:

Our 3 month visitor rolling average had significantly increased from 1.28k clicks and 43.4k impressions to 10k and 326k respectively with an average position of 8.6 indicating we were the front page result for numerous search terms (intentionally identified from google trends):

Having paid attention to our search console results, we were able to catch an important trend that drove numerous visitors to our site and even got us onto the front page results of google for searches such as “lord of the rings zoom background”. With this case study we encourage all webmasters to monitor their web page performance to capitalize on the momentum of a popular post.


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