With the Istanbul release of ServiceNow Express, a number of great new features are available to Express customers. One lesser known of such features is IP Access Controls. IP Access Controls allow you to restrict access to your ServiceNow instance to specific IP ranges.

  1. Accessing the IP Access Controls. This is done by simply typing ip_access.list into your application navigator and pressing enter. 
  2. Defining the Access Controls. There are two types of controls, Allow or Deny. Allow rules supersede Deny rules. This behavior makes it simple to block all IP’s outside the corporate network. For example, set one allow access control for your IP’s that your corporate network uses to connect to the internet. Set the second access control rule to block ALL IP’s. This will cause any IP not in your allowed range to become blocked.

Fortunately, the system should detect if you’re going to lock yourself out, and will prevent the action. Despite this, make sure that the IP ranges you are allowing correspond to the proper outbound IP range used by your corporate network, and not simply your local machine.

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