With ServiceNow Express, you are at the simplest form using a UI to navigate through tables in a database. The default instance however, does not have it’s UI cluttered with access to every table possible.

Using the list below, feel free to create a module of type ‘URL from arguments’ for the navigator commands below. Remember: If you use URL from arguments, use the syntax tablename_list.do as opposed to the tablename.list structure found below.

Note: since these are not exposed by the default UI, their access is subject to change. As a result, this list will gain and lose tables over time.

Simply type the following into the navigator to access, following the syntax table_name.list:

sys_app_applications.list -quick access to applications

sys_app_module.list -quick access to modules

task_time_worked.list -Time worked information if the time worked field is being used

sys_history_line.list -Audit information

cmdb_software_instance.list -Software instances of installation on machine

sys_report.list – reports in standard list view

sys_ui_style_list.do – apply field styles to adjust how a field looks

sys_portal_page.list -Create new homepages

sc_mobile_layout.list -Ability to refresh mobile service catalog through related link

sys_ui_bookmark.list -Ability to define bookmarks for users

metric_definition.list -Definition that calculates a metric of time elapsed

metric_instance.list -Record of data calculated by a metric

sys_email_client_template.list – Define the default field values when using the email client within forms

cache.do – Clears the systems cache. Useful when setting up self service,

stats.do – Information regarding instance version

If there’s a table you use and recommend added to the list, leave a comment below!

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